Meet Dante Johnson

This is your first step in investing in your body, your health, and becoming a Tummy Tucker, which is what we call  our athletes in our community because that’s exactly what we’re about to do! I’m Dante, a 27 year old fitness coach from and based in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve obtained a Bachelors’s Degree in Speech Pathology with a minor in Exercise Science. Fitness has been a part of my life since I was a young boy. Track and field was a passion for me at a very young age, finished a 16 year career which began at USATF level as a child all the way to living my dream of running collegiate track and field at both University of Houston and University of Missouri. After my college career came to an end, I learned that fitness was my passion and calling, and decided to peruse a career in fitness coaching and group training! I have helped thousands of women and men push through their “weaknesses” and coached them  develop self confidence, consistency in their training/ workouts and diet, in addition to molding them to their best body through personal training, online training, digital programs, having sold 14,000 sales, via programs, digital workout videos, and group fitness class tickets worldwide! I take pride in providing clients with the quality and effective regimens both in person and online/ digital programs to ensure I set them up for lifelong success. Super excited to begin this journey with you! Lettuce sweat! 

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