12 Days of Crunch-mas is here and we’re super exited about this challenge because we’re adding dumbbells to get that weight off FAST! Christmas is near and all of us will be around family we may or may not have seen all year, so what better way to greet your family and friends with a banging new body! 😍 If you’re looking to shed a few pounds before the holiday, this challenge is the one for you! I’ve designed this challenge to shred stubborn belly fat, tone the body, and to increase your overall athletics ability. Each workout is fueled with a fun, upbeat, but yet extremely effective, so you won’t have a hard time staying motivated to stay consistent during your 12 days with us.

In addition, you’ll gain instant access to our private community, which will help guide you on any questions you may have before, during, and after the duration of the challenge. My favorite attribute our group shares is the ability to motivate and uplift one another to assure everyone seeks best results over the 12 day course.

12 Days of Crunch-Mas is available virtually so although we are based in Atlanta, Georgia, you will gain full access to the content provided via your own personalized portal, private community group chat, and follow along videos that will be uploaded the at 8AM each morning.

To ensure everyone is held accountable for their body transformations we’re rewarding $250 to the BEST body transformation in this challenge! This does not include how much weight one loses during this challenge, it’s simply who’s body made the better progression from day one to day ten! Do you have what it takes? Secure your entry ticket today!

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