Bye-Bye Fupa 2.0


Win $250 to transform your body with my 10 Day Body Transformation Challenge. When you do challenges, it does something to the mindset because you collapse decades into days. What people couldn’t do in a whole lifetime, they do it in a matter of monthly or days because we’ve taken curriculums and information that would’ve taken someone years to learn, and we condense it down to a 10 day challenge. Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Also remember, it takes a village! That’s why we offer our support/community group to help push you to your limits!

This challenge is available virtually so although we are based in Atlanta, Georgia, you can access all of the challenge’s content via our private group! We will go live each day, along with meeting in person as a group for the sweat party! To ensure everyone is held accountable for their body transformations we’re rewarding $250 to the BEST body transformation in this challenge! This does not include how much weight one loses during this challenge, it’s simply who’s body made the better progression from day one to day ten!

Please send a screenshot of your receipt to so that we can add you to the private group before day one of the challenge. The subject line of your email should be “Bye-Bye Fupa 2.0+” so you won’t get lost in our mail.

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Price: $ 18.99