Success Stories

What My Amazing Clients say

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“During my plan with Dante, I exceeded even my own expectations by losing 13lb and dropping 2 dress sizes from a size 12 to a size 8!

I always put off losing weight due to not knowing what to eat due to my dairy and gluten free requirements and what exercises did not cause my bad joints to swell and what exercises actually worked from the comfort of my own home. My confidence had hit rock bottom and I knew I had to do something and after my first consultation with Rob I knew that he would be the one to help to get to where I wanted to be. We worked together to come up with a suitable calorie deficit, meal ideas suitable for me and workouts which would help me to achieve my goal of feeling more confident in my own skin. I feel mentally and physically like a new person. This is all down to the skills I’ve learn from Rob and having the confidence to be able to ask him for help and advice whenever I needed it.

The most important thing I can take away from my experience with Dante is that I have skills that I can implement into my daily life forever. I feel confident for the first time in years and it is all down to Dante.”

J. Jackson

“Dante online coaching has helped me feel more comfortable within myself and given me the confidence to eat better foods and train with my goals in mind… I would highly recommend Dante in his approach to coaching you to achieve your desired results.”

James Eagles

“I found Dante really knowledgeable and great with online coaching. My goal was to get fit and improve my diet and Dante gave me the nutritional guidance and quality workouts to achieve my goal. Highly recommend DanteTheBody virtual training.”

Alison Salkeld-Brown

“After gaining some unwanted weight due to bad eating habits and a lack of physical training I decided to use Dante as my online personal trainer. At first I was quite anxious but after speaking to Dante, I decided to take his advice and start an online training package. I was also provided with a good balanced diet plan which fitted around my hectic work schedule. I achieved the goals I set thanks to all of Dantes help and support. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to change their health and fitness for the better!”

Billy Celestin

Pre COVID I was a daily gym goer. But since trying Dante out whilst at home there is no going back for me! Dante is great, always there with help and advise which you can trust (knowing his background) and so easy to talk to. I love that I can now train at home saving time whilst being more efficient. I have really noticed a difference in my fitness just in the short time I have been training with him online and look forward to continuing. I would definitely recommend.”

L. Crump