client testimonials

client testimonials

client testimonials


“This man not only help you get a nice body but also boost your self confidence I fricking love it !”



“Baaabbyy when I say this had places burning I didn’t know existed 🤣 I didn’t finish this full 30 min but I’m going to keep working at it!! after I had my 2nd child I put on Soo much weight I’m so uncomfortable with myself and everything I wear but this live group is awesome!! I’m here for the long haul… thank you thank you thank you!”

-Callie Crutchfield


“Perfecto, empezare la semana con buena actitud…. gracias y saludos”

-Pammela Subiaur


“I love your workouts I do them every morning and night faithfully 💕💕💕



“Day 1 and loving the energy of your class! Just did it and I’m drippin :)”

-Rosa Lee


“Love your workouts! You motivate me to push myself. I’m watching and working out every time you post a new video all the way from Arizona.”

-Rachel Hardeman


“So addictive, got me sweating at the office F it!!!!! love it 30 min lunch break to work my food off lmao”



“Thank you so much Dante, your videos are joyful and very useful 👍👏

-Zati Durmus


“im losing weight, yes!

thanks to you Dante”

-Love Soria


“Completed this workout yesterday! It was challenging but the energy, music, & vibes got me through it in my living room. I’m yelling “kick that door out”! And I know it help transform my body as I felt it all over this morning. Please keep sharing. Your going to blow up! Blessings! And thank you for this. So different and fun!”

-D Nicole


“I did this in my living room and felt like I was there with y’all! So fun!”

-Kayla Lewis


“UGH the energy here is CONTAGIOUS lol I love how everyone is just having fun with it. And the trainer soo he is just life!! Good shit 👌 not all trainers do that tbh. And the 2 girls in the front made it even more fun, even the ones that wanted to give up just kept at it. Theee musiiicc thoooo, vibes vibes love it 😀💕 can’t wait to try. Girls don’t give up! We got this! 💪



“In my younger days, I use to go this deep doing my squats, 70 lbs! Can’t go this deep, my knees. HOWEVER, I’m gonna do this even if I have to figure out a way to get my flexibility back. Hip replacement ain’t no joke. BUT I WILL DO THIS!!!

-Roami Blu


“It’s the energy fa me. Y’all got me turned all the way up! New subscriber 🔥



“20 mins in I tapped outtt butttt I will be back tomorrow. This is going to be my mornings now thanks! Slowly but steady 🤞🏼

-C. Rivera


“My 8-year old and I did this workout this morning it was fun and full of energy. We had a blast doing this workout together.”

-Latoya Chanel


“I did this workout last night and I feel it in all the right places this morning. I can’t wait to do it again!! I’m going to check yawl out when I’m in Atlanta!!”



“This workout / meal plan shit is really motivating me and helping me. Keep it up and keep doing what you’re doing. Hip Hop anatomy looked fun ! & I loved how you brought people to the front / made them feel special.”

-Precious Lewis
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